Office Manager

Julia Stantoznik is a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Missouri working on a dissertation loosely about alternative business ownership models. Despite this apparent contradiction, she is currently living in Saint Paul and working for Triangle Park as their part-time Office Manager.

Before moving to Kansas City to attend graduate school, Julia lived in Oakland, CA where she worked as the Office Manager for a medium sized transportation justice nonprofit organization. During that time, she learned to love bicycle touring and hopes to reignite this passion now that she lives in a bike friendly area once again. She also is passionate about promoting co-operative businesses as a more equitable approach to business. Julia is a board member of the Data Commons Cooperative and CoMinnesota Steering Committee member, two organizations who work to promote 'sustainable' economic endeavors through data management and education, respectively. 

Julia holds a BA in Sociology and Political Science from Guilford College and a Master's in Economics from the University of Missouri. She is married to a lovely lady and has one cat and one dog.